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Lt. Gen. Joseph Wheeler CSA
Item #: CWB2378
Lt. Gen. Joseph Wheeler CSA Lt. Gen. Joseph Wheeler CSA
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Measures 2 1/2" x 4".

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First lieutenant, Corps of Artillery, C. S. A., April 3, 1861. Colonel, Nineteenth Regiment Alabama Volunteers, September 4, 1861. Brigadier general, P. A. C. S., October 30, 1862. Major general, P. A. C. S., January 20, 1863. Lieutenant general, P. A. C. S., February 28, 1865. Commands. Brigade composed of Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Alabama Regiments, and Second Texas Regiment, from April 6, 1862. Assigned to cavalry, July 18, 1862. Brigade composed of First and Second Mississippi Regiments, First and Third Alabama Regiments, Second Arkansas Regiment, and Eighth Confederate Regiment, from July 20 to August 16, 1862. Brigade composed of First and Third Alabama Regiments until September 16, when it was re-enforced by First Kentucky, First Confederate, and Third Georgia Regiments. October 1, command of cavalry in Kentucky. October 13, chief of cavalry of department; command composed of brigades of Colonels John H. Morgan, John A. Wharton, and the old Wheeler Brigade, commanded by Colonel W. W. Allen. November 20, chief of cavalry, Army of Tennessee; command composed of old brigade commanded by Colonel James Hagen and brigade of Brigadier General John A. Wharton, and after December 20, of brigade of Brigadier General John Pegram. January 20, in command of cavalry, Army of Tennessee, composed of brigades of Brigadier Generals Forrest, John A. Wharton, Martin and Morgan. March 15, 1863, command of army corps of cavalry, composed of divisions of Brigadier Generals John H. Morgan, W. T. Martin and John A. Wharton, each division being composed of two brigades. June 20, Morgan's Division was detached. September 28, in command of cavalry, Army of Tennessee, composed of divisions of Brigadier Generals William T. Martin, John A. Wharton and H. B. Davidson. November 20, corps composed of divisions of Major Generals John A. Wharton and William T. Martin, and Brigadier Generals John H. Kelly and Frank Armstrong, each division having two brigades. November 27, Martin's and Armstrong's Divisions were detached. November 30, 1863, command composed of General Kelly's Division, composed of Allen's and Grigsby's Brigades, and Davidson's Division, composed of Humes' and Ashby's Brigades. May 10, 1864, command composed of Major General Martin's Division, comprising Brigadier Generals Iverson's and John T. Morgan's Brigades; Brigadier General Humes' Division, comprising brigades of Harrison and McKenzie; Brigadier General Kelly's Division, comprising brigades of Ashby and Allen, afterward Anderson's; also the brigade of Brigadier General John S. Williams, formerly Grigsby's Brigade; Brigadier General William H. Jackson's Division, comprising brigades of Ferguson, Armstrong and Ross, was directed to report directly to General Johnston, but was often under General Wheeler's command and orders. August IO, 1864, command composed of divisions of Generals W. W. Allen (formerly Martin's), W. Y. C. Humes, and J. H. Kelly, and brigade of Brigadier General J. S. Williams. August 22, Kelly's Division and Williams' Brigade, and Dibrell's Brigade, of Humes' Division, detached; remaining absent in West Virginia until November 30. November 30, command composed of divisions as follows: Brigadier General W. W. Allen's Division, comprising brigades of Colonels C. C. Crews and James Hagen; Brigadier General W. Y. C. Humes' Division, comprising brigades of General Thomas Harrison and Colonel Ashby; Brigadier General Alfred Iverson's Division, composed of brigades of Brigadier General S. W. Ferguson and Joseph H. Lewis. Wheeler, Joseph, born in Georgia, appointed from New York cadet United States Military Academy, July 1, 1854; graduated nineteenth in a class of twenty-two. Brevet second lieutenant, First Dragoons, July 1, 1859; transferred to Mounted Rifles, June 26, 1860. Second lieutenant, September 1, 1860. Resigned April 26, 1861. Major general, United States Volunteers, May 6, 1898. Source: General Officers of the Confederate States of America

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